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You Call I Haul, is the company you need for easy friendly dumpster service. Simply book an appointment and get a container delivered. It's that easy!

Any place you can park a vehicle, a dumpster can be placed.

We rent Rolloff Dumpsters to residential and commercial sites. They are the rear load roll-off style.

Sizes include 10, 12, 15, 20, 25 and 30 yd containers.

The 8 ft bed of a pickup up to the rail is 3 yards.

10 yd dumpster (3.5 pickup loads) is 12'Lx6'Wx4'H, good enough for a small kitchen remodel, cleaning up the garage, better for paper, boxes, and limited furniture. These are also used for concrete loads and good for limited parking space or low hanging trees.

12 yd Dumpster (4 pickup loads) is 12'Lx7'Wx4'H, used for a small remodel or maybe limited parking space. Kitchen remodel, plus one bedroom. Get the 12 yds when you need a little more space or just want to make sure the junk fits. These are square bottoms so loading couches, dressers or mattresses are easier.

15 yd Dumpster (5 pickup loads) is 16'Lx7.5'Wx4'H medium-ish remodel or cleaning out 1-2 bedrooms. These are also square bottom so stacking is easier compared to a tapered bottom.

20 yd Dumpster (6.5 pickup loads) is 16'Lx7.5'Wx5.5'H larger remodel, cleaning out 2-3
bedrooms or when gutting everything from a house. Also perfect when cleaning out a little bit of everything like yard, garage, some remodel, and attic.

25 yd Dumpster (8.5 pickup loads)

30 yd Dumpster (10 pickup loads) is 17'Lx8'Wx6.5'H larger remodel, great when everything has to go.

Roll Off Dumpster Containers - Rent them for roofing, landscape clean-up, remodeling, concrete replacement, storm damage clean-up, waste pick up around the house, or on the job site.

  • Brush, Junk, Trash & Garage Clean-Outs
  • Dumpsters & Trash Hauling
  • Bobcat Work & Services
  • Recycling
  • Demolition Clean-Up & More

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